Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ezra's Cocktail Guide

Golden Ratios

Strong = straight spirit
Sour = squeezed citrus
Sweet = simple syrup equivalent

The Sour
2 Strong : 1 Sour : 1/2 Sweet

Vermouth Cocktail Ratio
3 Strong : 1.5 Vermouth : 0.5 Sweet
3:1.5:0.5, 6:3:1, 30ml:15ml:5ml

Old Fashioned
60ml Strong, 5ml Sweet, bitters, zest.

60ml gin :  20ml vermouth + citrus zest or bitters.

As a rule:
All glassware is frozen; clear ingredients are stirred; opaque ingredients are shaken. However, for all practical purposes, shaking is more convenient than stirring (wastes less ice). Use just enough ice to make shaker frost up dry - unless you own an ice machine, or have an ice making fetish, this conserves ice vs stirring, and produces reliable dilution once you are familiar.

Spirit List

Gordon's: Simple dry juniper. Reference.
Beefeater: Classic london dry. Reference.
Bombay Sapphire: floral predominant notes. Some people find it soapy.
Hendricks: The cucumber one.
Gin Mare: Herbal. Nose of campari/herbalness. Cardamom+Citrus predominant.
Opihr: Cumin and cardamom. Aftertaste like indian biriyani rice.
The Botanist: Juniper + [I cant put my finger on it]. Well balanced. Not [anything] forward.

Carpano Antica: benchmark red vermouth. complex. raisin/sherry. peels. savory.
Martini Rosso: rosemary forward. smells like pizza / italian spices.
Lillet Blanc: Smells like sweet white wine. Finishes with fruitiness when mixed.
Dolin Red: similar, but not as well balanced as carpano. Savoury.

Noilly Prat: benchmark dry white vermouth.

Campari: classic italian bitter.
Aperol: like campari, but less alcoholic and sweeter. Less bitter.

St Germain's: The classic Elderflower liqueur. Bartender's ketchup.
Chambord: blackberry liqueur.
Triple Sec: So called 'dry' orange, but really quite sweet like simple syrup.

The Next Level

Clear Ice Balls
The Smoking Gun
Flamed Zest

The Kanooka Grove Cocktail List

Peggy's Gimlet
An amazing twist on the classic. More gin forward, less sweet, but balanced with citrus zest and cucumber flavors.
60ml Hendricks
10ml Simple Syrup
Half lime (~20ml)
Lots of expressed orange zest. 2-3 long peels. Use and discard. Shake the shit out of this with lots of cold subzero ice until the ice shatters and the shaker tin becomes dry and ice frosts on the outside. Shake to about 120ml total. Doublestrain.
Alternate: Peggy's Southside. Add six mint leaves into the strainer. Shake this the shit out of.... 

Ezra's Standard Martini
60ml The Botanist gin
10ml Carpano Antica Formula sweet red vermouth
two splashes of orange bitters. Stirred.
Three maraschino cherries on a cocktail pick stirred into the drink.

Ezra's Dry Martini
60ml Any clean, crisp London Dry (I use Beefeater or Gordon's)
15ml Noilly Prat french dry vermouth
splash of orange bitters. Stirred.
three olives on a cocktail pick, stirred into drink.  OR. Lemon zest, expressed++ - you should see small circles of lemon oil on the drink if you're doing it right.

Yes, the sweet (wet) martini has less vermouth, but trust me, the carpano overwhelms any gin it comes in to contact with hence the reduced ratio. It's all about balance...